Introducing Electron

As all true IT nerds I have a smart home, it is a smart home system that i have invested a lot of hours into building. …

If you don't know that much about microservices then please read the few headings below before reading the rest of the story. As the people that are intended as audience for this story are people that have pre-existing knowledge of the microservice pattern.

Why Microservices?


  • A Raspberry Pi Zero W
  • A micro SD Card (I used a 32 GB Samsung EVO Select)
  • A micro USB cable (a sturdy one is preferable)
  • A Unicorn pHAT from pimoroni
  • A usb hub
  • A usb soundcard and 2 pc speakers.

Admir Cosic

I am a developer who is passionate about stuff like IOT and home automation. Few tech that I enjoy working in are .net core, C#, Typescript and Azure.

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